How To Be Eligible For Monthly Cash Prizes (& Win The Top Prize!)

Here’s how to be eligible for the monthly cash prizes, how to maximize your top prize chances, and how to avoid permaban. returns 50% of our casino revenue to the community every month as RevShare Prizes!

How To Be Eligible For The Monthly Cash Prizes

    • Sign up as a SlotWarriors Member (it’s 100% free!)
    • (We accept members from ALL countries, but you must be able to write decent English).
    • Comment (320+ characters (~50 words)) on 5+ different demo slots per month.

That’s all it takes, but read on to find out how to maximize your top prize chances.

Recruiting new SlotWarriors via your assigned referral link increases your top prize chances, but only if the recruited members become “active” by commenting on demo slots as described above.

Referring new Members also helps boost the monthly RevShare prize pot!

How To Maximize Your Top Prize Chances

The following is what we look for each month (in order of importance) to determine who wins:

    • Who comments from the heart, have fun, spread joy, and don’t “count the words”.
    • (Being critical of the demo games is, of course, allowed and encouraged, but it can be done in a fun way).
    • The overall quality of the comments (giving value to others far more than spelling).
    • The number of new “active” members each member has recruited.
    • The number of demo slot comments posted per member above the minimum of 5.
    • The number of replies, buzz, and upvotes the comments get per member.
    • The quality/quantity of replies each member makes on other member’s comments.

NB! All comments must be written in English to count. We only accept members who can write good English.

Monthly Cash Prize Distribution

Here is the monthly cash prize distribution model based on the criteria above (and ultimately our judgment call):

    • The SlotWarrior Of The Month wins 20% of the total RevShare Pot any given month.
    • The remaining 80% is paid to worthy SlotWarriors AND random eligible SlotWarriors.

The 80% is paid in such a way that nobody gets more than the SlotWarrior Of The Month.

How many people who share the 80% pot will vary from month to month, and the worthy SlotWarriors get more than those who receive random prizes.

Your contributions one month is not lost on us even if you did not win the top prize, and we will try to spread the love/prizes in a way that makes as many people happy as possible given some time.

We are also open for suggestions regarding the prize distribution model: loading...

Play Nice (Avoid Getting Permabanned)!

Here is what NOT do to unless you want to get yourself permabanned with no warning:

    • Abusive and/or spammy comments (just don’t!)
    • Live links are not allowed, and no self-serving promotional comments.
    • Copying comments from other websites and pasting them here (copyscape will detect it).
    • Recruiting tons of inactive accounts or similar (easy to spot!)
    • Trying to game the system or cheat in any way will get you banned.

Remember, the candidates for the prizes each month will be put under extra scrutiny, and dishonest methods will be spotted one way or the other.

When Will The Current $10K+ Cash Prize Be Paid?

We guarantee that the first real money prize pool will be at least $10,000, but the prize will not drop until the “snowball is rolling”.

When we have enough active members (and casino revenue) to start the monthly pay cycles the current prize will be paid.

We will make sure the pot is at least $10,000 even if that means paying part of it from our own pocket.

You can help by getting the word out, as well as by playing at our recommended casinos.

Final Thoughts

You can check our FAQ page if you have any further questions, and you can also contact us at:



The Monthly Prize Pot should be seen as a bonus, really, as having fun playing and discussing the games is the point.

Of course, healthy competition is part of the fun, and becoming SlotWarrior Of The Month is a great honor!

With the system outlined above, we ensure:

    • A rapidly growing community of like-minded slot enthusiasts!
    • An equally rapidly growing pool of monthly RevShare Cash Prizes!
    • A casino affiliate revolution that will change the whole industry!

This is a win-win for all online slot players, so…

Become a SlotWarrior today!