How To Recruit New SlotWarriors™ The Easy Way

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In this post we’ll give you the best and easiest way to recruit new SlotWarriors.

Recruiting new SlotWarriors shouldn’t be a problem given the amazing RevShare deal they get here at

However, we still want to make sure that people do it in the best, easiest, and most ethical way possible.

First of all, you need to go to your member profile area and find your unique affiliate referral link:

This is an example of how your unique link will look in your profile area.

Any people you refer via this link gets credited to your account.

1. Start by recruiting people you know

Most likely you have friends and/or family who also enjoy playing online slots. Simply tell them that you’ve found something cool, and that they should check it out.

Don’t be overeager and pushy, as it will only turn them off. When they show interest, simply send them your assigned affiliate link (found in your member profile page).

2. Add the affiliate link in your Casino and Slot Games Forum signatures

This is the correct and subtle way of doing it. Add it in your signature with a short slogan (like “play free demo slots. Win real money prizes!”).

Do NOT spam your affiliate link all over the place, and do not go to casino and slot forums for the sole purpose of posting your link.

It may be okay to tell people on a casino forum (or similar) about this website, but it’s best if you’re already an established member there.

3. Keep the link handy on your phone

This is a good idea, as you are bound to meet other slot enthusiasts in your life.

Simply have your affiliate link ready, and send it to people you meet who are interested.

Do not try to ram it down their throats. Just be casual about it. Mention it, and let it flow naturally.

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