Our Revolutionary Robin Hood RevShare™ Model!

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The online casino industry is a $100B business in Europe alone, and most of the profit ends up in the pockets of the filthy rich shareholders of large, corporate casino affiliate sites.

Our lucrative Robin Hood RevShare™ Model aims to change that forever, and you can join this win-win revolution today.

The largest online casinos earn their fair share too, of course, but many casinos run on slim margins compared to the corporate affiliate sites.

The reason is that casinos pay back 96% (rough estimate) of what they rake in as winnings, while casino affiliate sites do no such thing.

We would know, as we used to work for one such large casino affiliate company, and we saw how the already rich shareholders raked in most of the massive profit.

That’s capitalism for ya, alright, but what if there was another way?

No, we are not talking about communism, as there is no “free lunch”.

The Win-Win Robin Hood RevShare™ Revolution

The RevShare model is not new, as both X (Twitter) and YouTube is using it already.

However, you need a large following to benefit from it on those platforms, which is not easy to get.

This is not the case here at SlotWarriors.com, however, as anyone who apply themselves can win huge cash prizes every month.

The idea is as simple as it is powerful.

You have fun playing free demo slots, discussing the games, and recruiting new SlotWarriors, and that’s it!

By fulfilling the minimum requirements, which is good fun anyway, you become eligible to win monthly cash prizes.

Unlike any other affiliate site out there, we return 50% of our casino affiliate profit back to the community each month as Real Money Prizes.

The more fun you have playing for free, commenting on demo slots, and recruiting new players, the larger prizes you stand to win!

Of course, this only works if you also play at our affiliate slot sites, which you have every reason to do given the above.

You get to play all the latest demo slots for free (often before they’re officially launched).

This gives you a good idea which games are worthy of your real money when the time comes.

You can share your experience with the other SlotWarriors, learn from each other, all the while knowing that a large sum is returned to the community each month.

The larger our movement grows, the more pressure we put on the big, corporate affiliate sites to adopt similar RevShare models.

This is a huge win-win for all online slot players out there, and YOU can play an important part in this revolution.

Become a SlotWarrior today!

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