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As the SlotWarriors™ Community grows, so do the RevShare Prizes, and the sky is the limit once the snowball starts rolling!

You will also find plenty of answers on our FAQ Page.

The Current $5,000 Cash Prize Explained

Since we’ve just launched the website, we are in the bootstrapping phase with zero revenue from the casinos – yet.

The current Prize is therefore paid from our own pocket to get things started.

It will be paid once the “snowball is rolling”, and we have a small (but active) community going, as well as enough revenue from the casinos to start paying monthly RevShare prizes.

The RevShare Prizes will become massive as the SlotWarriors™ Army grows big, eventually forcing all the corporate affiliate sites to adopt a similar model (or go bust!).

In other words; it’s a MASSIVE win-win for all online slot players out there!

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