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Terms & Conditions for SlotWarriors.com

Welcome to SlotWarriors.com. These Terms and Conditions (“T&C”) govern your access to and use of our website and services. By signing up and using SlotWarriors.com, you agree to be bound by these T&C. Please read them carefully.


At SlotWarriors.com, we provide free demo slots, as well as recommended online casinos to play. We earn a commission when visitors click on our casino links, and play for real money. We give 50% of our casino revenue back to the SlotWarriors Community each month in the form of Cash Prizes. We aim to make sure that all info on our site, including casino bonus offers, is accurate. However, we are not responsible for any mistakes or inaccuracies. Additionally, it’s up to you – the player – to research and confirm the licensing, legality, and trustworthiness of any online casino you decide to play at.

Membership Eligibility:
1. You must be 18+ years of age or older to become a member of SlotWarriors.com, and to use the site even if you are not a member.
2. By signing up, you confirm that you are of legal age and that the information you provide during registration is accurate, current, and complete.

Registration and Account:
1. Membership on SlotWarriors.com is free.
2. During registration, you will be asked to provide personal information, including a valid email address. You must keep this information accurate and up to date.
3. You are responsible for protecting your account login credentials (email address and password), and for any activity that occurs under your account.
4. SlotWarriors.com reserves the right to deny or terminate membership at its discretion, without notice or explanation.

Free Demo Slots & Real Money Prizes:
1. SlotWarriors.com offers free demo slots for members to play without risking real money.
2. Members who play and contribute by commenting below the demo slots can become eligible for real money prizes that are paid on a monthly basis.
3. Prizes winners are determined by us, but you can increase your chances by the quality (and quantity) of demo slot comments you make each month.
4. Another way to increase your prize winning chances is recruiting new SlotWarrior.com members via your assigned affiliate link.
5. Only SlotWarriors.com members can win prizes, and a minimum quota of comments and/or recruited members may apply.
6. The prize system may be changed at any time, and you understand that you’re not owed any real money prize no matter how many comments you make, or how many new members your recruit.
7. SlotWarriors.com reserves the right to deny any and all prize payments at any time, and for any reason.
8. SlotWarriors.com reserves the right to withhold any prize payment on suspicion of fraudulent activity (including, but not limited to, trying to game the system, using AI and/or bots to make comments, using bots to sign up as new members etc).
9. Any SlotWarriors.com member, or site user, risk being permabanned without warning if fraudulent activity is suspected, and legal action may also be taken.

Winning Prizes:
1. Winners will receive prizes in the form of bitcoin (BTC), so a bitcoin wallet is required on sign up.
2. Prizes will be awarded monthly, or as soon as all casino affiliate commissions have been paid to SlotWarriors.com (and its owners). This usually happens on a monthly basis.
3. The value of prizes may vary depending on the number of winners and total number of participating members.
4. Winners will be notified and must provide a valid bitcoin wallet address for prize distribution.
5. It is your responsibility to ensure that the provided bitcoin wallet address is accurate at the time you’re eligible to receive a prize.
6. Lost funds due to failure to provide a correct bitcoin wallet address will not be reimbursed by SlotWarriors.com, nor its owners.

User Conduct:
1. You agree not to use SlotWarriors.com for any fraudulent, illegal, or unauthorized purposes.
2. You agree not to access or attempt to access other members’ accounts or interfere with the website’s security or integrity.
3. You agree not to harass, abuse, or threaten other SlotWarriors.com members.
4. Any violation of these T&C may result in termination of your account and legal action, if necessary.

1. SlotWarriors.com respects your privacy and handles personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
2. By using SlotWarriors.com, you consent to the processing of your personal information as outlined in our Privacy Policy.

Limitation of Liability:
1. SlotWarriors.com is not responsible for any loss, damages, or expenses incurred while using our website or services.
2. We are not liable for any technical disruptions, security breaches, or errors on the website.
3. You understand and agree to use SlotWarriors.com at your own risk.

Modification of Terms:
1. SlotWarriors.com reserves the right to modify, revise, or update these T&C at any time without notice.
2. Any changes to the T&C will become effective immediately upon posting on the website.
3. By continuing to use SlotWarriors.com after any changes to the T&C, you are indicating your acceptance of the modified terms.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction:
1. These T&C shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the United States Of America.
2. Any disputes arising out of or in connection with these T&C shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the United States of America.

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