About SlotWarriors

SlotWarriors.com is a growing community of online slot enthusiasts based around the
revolutionary Robin Hood RevShare™ Model.

Every month, 50% of our casino affiliate revenue is returned to the SlotWarriors™ Community.

Becoming a SlotWarriors™ Member is 100% free, and always will be. However, only active members are eligible to win monthly RevShare Prizes.

It works like this:

SlotWarriors™ Members are thus strongly incentivized to:

    • Have fun commenting on and discussing the latest demo slots.
    • Play at our top-rated slot sites (to grow the RevShare Prizes)
    • Recruit new SlotWarriors™ via the assigned referral link (to grow the RevShare Prizes)

This idea is so unique in this industry, it will disrupt everything once it catches on.

Once the snowball starts rolling, there is virtually no limit to how high the monthly RevShare Prizes can go.

As SlotWarriors™, we take destiny into our own hands…

Together we can revolutionize the whole industry to the benefit of all slot players!

You will find more than 18,858 free demo slots to play, and 60+ new games are added every week. We source from 417+ game developers, and many times you get to play the free demos long before the official launch date.

Don’t forget to check our FAQ section if you have any questions.

Our Robin Hood RevShare™ Vision

The main vision is to create a vibrant community of slot enthusiasts who enjoy discussing the games, and reward active SlotWarriors for their contributions and referrals of new members.

When our SlotWarriors™ community grows large enough, it will force the big corporate affiliate sites to adopt similar RevShare models.

This is a win-win for all of us, and for slot enthusiasts everywhere!

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