How To Maximize Your Online Slot Games RTP The SlotWarriors’ Way

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The RTP doesn’t matter so much when you play free slots online, but it’s vital to understand the RTP when you play for real money. Read this article to understand RTP fully, and find out how you can maximize your RTP as a SlotWarrior.

There are many things to be aware of when it comes to slot games RTP. Leveraging our extensive online slot experience, we’ll reveal all the RTP secrets they never tell you in this article.

We’ll start by giving you a complete overview of what RTP means, and why it is so important to understand this concept for online slot players.

What is online slots RTP and why is it important?

Hide the pain Harold learns about online slot RTP

Hide the pain Harold learns about online slot RTP

RTP stands for Return To Player, and it indicates how much a certain slot or game pays back to the players in the long run. The average RTP for online slots hovers around 95 to 96 %, and anything below 95 % is considered low.

If you play an online slot with an RTP of 96 %, for example, this means that the House Edge is 4 %. The House rakes in 4% of the total amount that is wagered on the game in the long run, while 96 % is paid back to the players in the form of winnings.

It’s important to understand that the RTP percentage only is valid across hundreds of millions of spins.

You cannot necessarily expect to win back 96 % from any given session of a few hundred spins.

In some sessions, you will get a much higher return, and in other sessions, you will lose your whole bankroll. This is the random nature of playing online slots.

It’s also what makes playing online slots fun, but it’s still a good idea to play slot games with a high RTP.

Try to aim for an RTP of at least 96 % most of the time, although a lower RTP is to be expected for progressive jackpot slots.

RTP examples for different online slots and games

The RTP can vary significantly from one online slot game to the next, and it’s important to be aware of the RTP when you choose which games to play. Let’s now take a look at a few examples that illustrate how different the RTP can be, and how this can impact your winnings.

Online slot games RTP

As mentioned, the average RTP of online slots is 95-96 %. The highest RTP for an online slot to date is 99%, and you get this in Relax Gaming’s Book Of 99. It’s rare to see non-jackpot online slots with a lower RTP than 94 %, but it’s far from unheard of.

RTP of progressive jackpot slots online

Online slots with a progressive jackpot, such as the Dream Drop range from Relax Gaming, usually come with a lower RTP than regular slots. In addition, a significant percentage of the RTP goes to feed the jackpots, which lowers the effective RTP for the non-jackpot part of the game accordingly.

In the Dream Drop jackpot slots, for example, 12 percentage points of the already lower-than-average RTP goes to feed the jackpots.

Online table games RTP values

Many table games come with a higher RTP than most online slots, but getting a high RTP will sometimes depend on your strategy. Blackjack is a good example, as the RTP can range from 75 to 98 % depending on how you play. The RTP can also vary between different variants of each table game, and this is something to check before you play.

Customizable RTP ranges (or RTP settings)

Most game providers offer a range of different RTP settings for each game, or they offer a different RTP version of the game. This allows the slot sites to adjust the RTP as they see fit, which means you risk getting a lower RTP on the very same slot game if you play it at different slot sites.

This is why it’s important to vet the slot site you play at properly, as you want to play at slot sites that offer the best possible RTP for each game. The good news is that most games with adjustable or customizable RTP ranges offer an RTP setting of 96 %, or above.

Some game providers, such as ELK Studios, have chosen to not go with customizable RTP ranges. Instead, they usually have a fixed RTP that is either 95 or 94 % for their games.

the slotwarriors way to maximize your RTP

How to MAXIMIZE your RTP the SlotWarriors’ Way

We have given you everything you need to know about RTP already, and the time has come to give you our best insider tips on how to maximize your RTP when you play slots online.

This is one of the main benefits of being a SlotWarrior, and you cannot find a better deal anywhere else.

Our recommended slot sites offer the best possible RTP for each slot game, but that’s not all.

We return 50% of our slot site revenue to the SlotWarriors community every month as RevShare Prizes.

This means that you can significantly improve your RTP by engaging in the slot warrior battle for the monthly real money prizes.

Combine this with lucrative CashBack deals up to 40% at our top-rated slot sites, and you’ll be playing with the best RTP possible.

To sum it up:

  • Become a SlotWarrior to access slot sites that offer the best RTP setting for each slot game.
  • Get up to 40% CashBack deals at our 5 top-rated slot sites (in addition to wager-free bonuses!).
  • Share your demo slot opinions to win huge RevShare Cash Prizes each and every month!
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