How To Play Free Online Slots And Win Real Money

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It’s fun to play online slot games for free, but did you know that you can actually win real money from playing free online slots?

This is exactly what you get when you sign up as a Member, which is, of course, 100% free to do (and it always will be).

It’s a unique and lucrative deal you will not find anywhere else, and we’ll explain how it works in this article.

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Why playing free slot games usually doesn’t pay

Most online slots play for free websites are happy keeping all the money they earn for themselves.

This is, in fact, the norm out there until now.

Granted, in some cases, they give back a tiny percentage of their revenue in the form of free online slot tournaments where you can win real money.

Having worked as a reviewer of online slots for many years, we know the iGaming industry from the inside, and we know how the big corporate free demo slot sites work.

They must answer to shareholders in most cases, and the shareholders rake in most of the profit for themselves.

It’s all about greed in the end, as the iGaming industry is big business.

We can therefore confidently tell you that being able to play free online slots and win real money is a rare opportunity indeed.

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Play free slot games – Win real money

What makes unique is the fact that we return 50% of our revenue to the SlotWarriors community every month as RevShare Prizes.

We call this the Robin Hood RevShare model, since we are hoping to grow an army so large that it will force the big corporate free slots no download sites to adopt a similar model.

This will benefit all slot players everywhere, and “forcing” this model onto the world of online slots is our grand vision.

All you need to do to play free slot games and win real money is to first of all sign up as a member.

Only members can comment under each of the free slot games, and this is how you participate in the “battle” for the monthly RevShare Cash Prizes.

To be able to play free slots and win real money, you will need to share your opinion about at least 10 free play demo slots per month.

It’s really that simple, and it’s not too good to be true.

However, the RevShare system only works if our members also play at the real money slot sites we recommend.

Only members get access to our recommended real money slot sites, and our top-rated slot sites offer wager-free bonuses and up to 40% cashback.

As a SlotWarrior, you have fun sharing your thoughts about the latest play for free demo slots, and you win real money every month when we get paid.

The best SlotWarrior wins 20% of the total RevShare pot each month, while 80% of the pot is distributed to both worthy and random eligible SlotWarriors.

This means that everyone who plays and shares their opinion about 10+ free demo slots a month can win real money from doing so.

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How much real money can you win from playing free online slots?

It’s all up to the community, really, as the more our SlotWarriors army plays at our recommended real money slot sites, the higher the monthly real money prizes will be.

The real money prize pool will only keep growing as the SlotWarriors community grows larger, and you can help by getting the word out.

Remember to use your assigned referral link to be credited with the referral since this increases your chances of winning the top prize and becoming SlotWarrior Of The Month.

If the prize pool is $50,000, for example, the top prize will be $10,000.

The remaining prizes will be smaller, but you can still win substantial amounts of real money playing free online slots as a SlotWarrior.

There is no upper limit, as the prize pool will only grow as more and more free slot players understand the amazing deal they get here.

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