Let’s Have A Blast Disrupting The Casino Industry Together!

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Being a SlotWarrior is not only fun, it can radically change the whole online gambling industry to the benefit of all casino players.

While some casinos offer cashback deals, you don’t see any casino affiliate sites out there doing the same.

The reason why is obvious.

They want all the money for themselves.

Most casino affiliate sites out there are owned by large corporations, and they have greedy shareholders to answer to.

We would know, because we used to work for such a corporation.

It gobbled up one casino affiliate site after another just in the few years we worked there, and soon it controlled most of the major sites.

That was more than 5 years ago, and this centralization trend has only accelerated since then.

SlotWarriors.com is not owned by a corporation, and we will never sell out .

We’re building an unstoppable movement of SlotWarriors, as more and more players will prefer to benefit from our revolutionary RevShare model.

We call it the Robin Hood RevShare model, since we’re taking profit away from the big, greedy corporations, and giving it back to regular players like you.

As the word spreads across the world, the big corporate owned affiliate sites will be forced to do similar things to be able to compete.

Their big Achilles heal is their size, and the fact that the rich/greedy shareholders gobble up most of their profit.

With such expenses, it will be hard for them to compete with the 50% RevShare deal we offer here.

The more you help spread the word, recruit new SlotWarriors, and have fun playing and discussing free demo slots here at SlotWarriors.com, the bigger our movement will grow.

This is how we force the RevShare model into the mainstream, and change the online casino industry forever:

  • Enjoy playing free demo slots (60+ new games added every week).
  • Have fun commenting on the games and discuss with other members.
  • Recruit new SlotWarriors to skyrocket the RevShare Prizes!

Become A SlotWarrior Today!


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