What we look for each month is this (in order of importance):

  • Who comments from the heart, have fun, spread joy, and don’t “count the words”.
  • (Being critical of the demo games is, of course, allowed and encouraged, but it can be done in a fun way).
  • The overall quality of the comments (giving value to others far more than spelling).
  • The number of new “active” members each member has recruited.
  • The number of demo slot comments posted per member above the minimum of 5.
  • The number of replies, buzz, and upvotes the comments get per member.
  • The quality/quantity of replies each member makes on other member’s comments.

Who the winners are each month is our judgment call, after we’ve taken all of the above into consideration.

NB! All comments must be written in English to count (comments in other languages will be deleted).

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